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Q&A about difficult Bible verses

Tips for Preachers and Bible Teachers

Sermon organization, use of illustrations, expository preaching, how to outline a lesson, effective writing, Bible study aids, and much more.

Seminars and Gospel Meetings

  • Seminar on the Revelation, in three days, using PowerPoint.
  • Seminar on Romans, in three days, using PowerPoint.
  • Seminar on Inspiration and How We Got the Bible, in two to three session on one day, using PowerPoint.


  • "The Apocalypse: A Revelation of Jesus Christ" - available here or through Christian bookstores.  $16.95

  • "The Righteousness of God: A Study of Paul's Epistle to the Romans" - available through Amazon or through bookstores (ISBN 978-1-62839-224-1)  $11.99